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www.ah3.dk is DOWN

Written by Hitman.

2012-06-16 14:22:48

www.ah3.dk has been down since about 13:00 on Friday 15th of June. Apparently due to some configuration problem at our hosting provider - web10.dk.

I immediately reported the problem, but now after more than 24 hours I still have not received any answer, and the problem remains on web10 server.

I have now re-established the website on a small server at home from my nightly backup. I believe no data has been lost.

However, the site is now running on a very low-power machine, and on a very slow internet connection, so response times may be long.

If you experience any problems (apart from response times) please leave a comment - or an SMS.

If web10.dk support will ever wake up and fix the problem, I will move the site back to the web10.dk server. I hope this can again be done without loss of data, but don't count on it.

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