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Flensburg Oktoberfest 2013 at Hansen Brauerei, Flensburg

Flensburg Hash House Harriers

are celebrating "Oktoberfest 2013" on 19-20 oktober 2013.

This time we have an optional extra. A visit to yet another brewery on the 18th at 6pm. Visit Flenburg Brauerei.

Preliminary Plan

Saturday, 19th okt 2013

13:30 Run starts, ZOB Flensburg, just outside Etap Hotel. There will only be one run, medium length. Circle etc after the run.

18:30 Dinner and Party at Hansen Brauerei (Live band)

Sunday, 20th okt 2013

11.00 Hangover Run starts, ZOB Flensburg, just outside Etap Hotel. There will only be one short run. Circle etc after the run.

(Some of) The Details

Again this year we have to pay for the entrance at Hansens Brarueri in advance. The entrance is 10 Euros which is included in the 20 Euros Flensburg H3 is charging you!

Where to stay for the night: It’s completely up to you. We recommend the Etap Hotel. A lot of the hashers will stay here. It’s central and cheap. You have to book the rooms your self! Go for it!

The price for this event is 20 Euros. We only have 45 now have 50 seats, but please only sign up, if you sure you are coming! Don’t take up the space for a fellow hasher !

Due to a number of people not showing up in Flensburg, we ask you to pay the 20 Euro fee in advance. This could be done next time you see an Århus/Flensburg hasher, e.g. at German Nash Hash.

Included: Run, Drinkstops, Circle (beers, softdrinks, chips etc) - Saturday and Sunday and Entrance-fee at Hansen's (10 euro) Saturday night.

Everything else (food and beer at Hansens, hotel etc) is EXCLUDED ! You pay as you go.

Sign up by registering HERE, or - if you are not a member of ah3 and can't login to ah3.dk - by sending an email to us. Sometimes emails end up in spam-filters, so if you are sending an email, you are NOT registered until your name appears on the list below.

Run start/end address :
Suederhofenden 14 (am ZOB)

Hansen Brauerei : Schiffbrüche 16, Flensburg
Homepage : www.hansensbrauerei.de/

Etap Hotel
Suederhofenden 14 (am ZOB), 24937 FLENSBURG
Homepage : http://www.etaphotel.com

Optional Extra

Visit to Flenburg Brauerei

On friday the 18th at 18:00 (6pm), we have booked the guided tour of Flensburg Brauerei

Last year the price for this was around 7 euro per person.

If you want to participate in the guided tour, please say so when registering


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We are almost full.

46 Registrations - Updated September 30th

(+) means that the person is also coming to Flensburg Brauerei on friday.
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(+) Squashed Flat
(+) Kiss me Kindl
(+) Hand in Horse
(+) Little Adonis
(+) High Fly
(+) Salmonella
(+) Knickerless
Colour of the Eggs
Pant in the Country
(+) Four'n'Twenty 
(+) Ayatollah (ONH3)
(+) Gorgeous Lilly (ONH3)
(+) Spouse (ONH3)
(+) Loping Scrotum (CH3)

+31 Århus Hashers
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