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Oktober Fest Hash i Flensburg

Flensburg: 2022-10-22 - 2022-10-22


Flensburg H3 Oktoberfest Saturday 22. Okt. 2022

Limited seats!

***Saturday Run***
Where: Flensburg ZOB
When: Saturday 11:30 (gives you more time for shower beer later)
Hares: TBA
Circle: But of course!

***Saturday Night***
What: Oktober Fest Flensburg H3 Style
Where: Borgerforeningen

***Sunday hangover Run***
When: 10.30
Where: venue TBA
Hares: TBA

Event price is 40 €, or dkk 300,- this include
Saturday Run including the traditional drinkstops,
Circle DownDowns, chips, nuts, sweets and more DownDowns.
Saturday Night OktoberFest Flensburg H3 Style, at the Borgerforeningen. Meal included. (Drinks are pay as you go)
Sunday hangover run and circle.

What YOU need to do: Sign up at spiderman@onon.dk You will receive payment details once you register.

Don’t hesitate to book your own accommodation in good time.
Consider booking Friday too……… there is usually lots of hashers in Flensburg Friday – see you at Bährenhöle ;-)

**Whos Cumming**

Massive Attack
Just Jakob
Handle With Care
Late Commer
Dancing Queen
Soaked Arse
Ball Breaker
Viking Puker
Happy Hour
Sgt. Pebber

Double Dickheaad

Sin Bernard

Die Pille
Little Adonis
High Fly
Man of the Month

Hidden Asset
Long Shanks
I Am Science
Wouldnt Chew
Bulls Eye

Trouble Brewing
Just Nils

Cyber Donkey Sex
Full Of Spunk
Ich Been Laiden
Silent P
Limp Wrist
Döner Rabbit
Just Sofie
Just Melanie
Kiss Me Kindle
Hand In Horse
Top Half
Punstar Barbie
Touched By Boobies

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