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Shetland’s ‘Simmer Dim’ hash weekend

the Shetland Isles: 2022-06-18 - 2022-06-20

Link: https://shetlandh3.weebly.com

18th / 19th June - LERWICK

Thank you for your interest in visiting and hashing with us in the most northerly part of the UK in the land of the “Simmer Dim” – the Shetland Isles. During midsummer, or as we call it the “Simmer Dim” the sun never truly sets - yes its light all night! Our “Simmer Dim” hash weekend takes place annually on the weekend of the longest day of the year and coincides usually with the local Lerwick “Midsummer Carnival” and the now infamous “Motorcycle Rally”.

Our weekend itinerary is based this year in Lerwick and is roughly as follows:

Friday 17th June:

Visitors to Shetland catch the overnight ferry from Aberdeen at 7pm (unless you wish to make other travel arrangements).

Saturday 18th June

Visitors to Shetland to have breakfast on board the boat and disembark altogether at 8am.
Bus collects visitors from ferry terminal and takes to drop off luggage at the Islesburgh Youth Hostel.
Bus departs hostel to run location at app 9.30am. Locals joining must meet at the hostel at 9.15am.
Circle and lunch provided at end location.
Afternoon to explore Lerwick, relax and getting ready to party.
Evening dinner provided followed by dancing with the best ceilidh band in Shetland..

Sunday 19th June

Breakfast will be provided for visiting hashers and locals wishing to join.
Hangover run in the morning.
Circle at end location with lunch provided followed by contributions and gifts!
Sunday evening, most visiting hashers will catch the Northlink ferry back to Aberdeen. Transport is arranged to take visiting hashers back to the boat.

The fee for visiting hashers - £180 per person (over 18’s only) and includes the cost of 1 nights stay in the Islesburgh “5 star” Youth Hostel.

The fee for local hashers varies on events attending over the weekend.

Our offer to all includes two fantastic hash runs, food and drink for the weekend, bus transport, evening entertainment and your special 2022 Simmer Dim gift merchandise.

If you log in you will be able to see which Århus Hashers are interested in, or have already registered for this event.


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