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Frankfurt: 2019-12-06 - 2019-12-08

Link: https://frankfurt-hash.de/index.php/component/jem/event/880-fh3-hashmas-weekend

Pubcrawl om fredagen, julemarked om lørdagen efterfulgt af middag, dans og sånt. Der sluttes af med endnu et marked om søndagen.

Ut har besøgt Frankfurt H3 flere gange og kan varmt anbefale dem. Det er desuden et af de yngre hash - just saying.

Fra hjemmesiden:

Friday: pubcrawl, pay as you go.

Saturday around lunchtime: christmas market tour (at least 3 markets), pay as you go

Saturday 6pm: dinner and dance at klaane sachsenhäuser in sexyhausen (sachsenhausen)

Pay your own food before you get too dunk or fall off the tables dancing!

Dress fancy, dress pretty or show up naked!

Secret Santa! Please bring something useless or unwanted (no, we will not trade your Exes...).
Last year we had some amazing presents and people went home happy with "books of boobs", mexican art and the one or other adult pleasure toy.

Sunday FH3 Christmas market trail at 2:30pm (5€ hash cash) from Frankfurt-Mühlberg

If you log in you will be able to see which Århus Hashers are interested in, or have already registered for this event.


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