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German Nash Hash 2017

in Lüneburg: 2017-11-10 - 2017-11-12


The 2017 German Nash Hash will take place in the cosy old town Lüneburg, the town with the second highest pub density in Europe.

Attending the German Nash Hash will escort you to Hamburg, Lüneburg and into the hashmare forests around Lüneburg.

Our hares are waiting for your hot red dresses on Thursday before they let you leave for Lüneburg.

The tickets include drinks and food from Friday evening to Sunday afternoon including accomodation and haberdashery.

The price for the German Nash Hash Ticket is Regular 210â?¬. Early Bird is already sold out. Late Commer will be 230â?¬.

For the Red Dress Run on Thursday we charge additional 10â?¬.

If you log in you will be able to see which Århus Hashers are interested in, or have already registered for this event.


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